Friday, November 16, 2018

16C Europeans Imagine American Women

Pieter Nagel, a DAmerica, Your Gold and Silver Fill My People, print from Pieter Nagel`s engraving after Gerard van Groeningen, ca. 1570−1590.  Pieter Nagel, a Dutch artist active in 1569−1604, made this engraving after Gerard van Groeningen, a Flemish artist who worked in Antwerp in 1563−73. This is an allegory of the American continents as a naked lady armed with a bow and an arrow, triumphantly riding in her royal chariot. Its wheels are inscribed with Bresilia, Resilia, Hispaniola, Cvba, Perv after South America colonized by Europeans: Brazil, Hispaniola, where Christopher Columbus first landed on December 5, 1492, Cuba, and Peru.